Strategic Alliances

Cornerstone Institute recognises that it would not be able to accomplish our objectives without the co-operation of strategic allies, both locally and abroad. In keeping with the principle of ubuntu, we define ourselves not in isolation from others, but in the context of relationships that have shaped, and continue to shape, who we are.

International Alliances

baardSince 2002, Cornerstone has received students and faculty from a variety of institutions, interests and backgrounds, to dialogue and learn together with our faculty and students, particularly around the issues of reconciliation and justice. Over the years we have enjoyed a number of different forms of partnerships with various institutions, each of which enabled us to accomplish what neither of us could have accomplished alone.
We are currently in discussion with Bard College, a private liberal arts college in New York, regarding faculty and student exchanges.

Study-Abroad Programmes

george_uniThe backbone of our international alliances has been our Study Abroad programmes. Ranging from intensive 2 or 3-week programmes, to semester-long programmes, the Study Abroad experience has been a highlight for students coming to South Africa – most coming to SA for the first time. Our partners in such programmes in recent years, include Bethel University (Minnesota), George Fox University (Oregon), Messiah College (Pennsylvania) and the University of Winnipeg (Manitoba). For more information on our Study Abroad programmes, view our brochure on the Study Abroad page of our website.


Faculty Exchanges and Workshops

Cornerstone has been delighted to host individual faculty members, who have come to lecture at Cornerstone for periods ranging from a few weeks to a couple of years. Faculty exchanges have included Beth Birmingham from Eastern University (Pennsylvania), Kelly Haynes Mendez from Argosy University (Texas) and William Moulder from Trinity College (Illinois). Cornerstone has also had the privilege of facilitating international workshops focused on assisting international faculty members whom explore issues of diversity and reconciliation within the South African context.


Study Abroad

Since 2002, Cornerstone has received study-abroad students from a variety of institutions, interests and backgrounds to dialogue and learn together with our faculty and students, particularly around the issues of reconciliation and justice. Thus far we have received students from Bethel University, George Fox University, Wheaton College, Gordon College, Augsburg College, Eastern University and Geneva College.

Our study-abroad programmes, which usually last 16 to 17 weeks, have been tailored to meet the needs of the sending institutions, but each of them incorporates engagement with South Africa’s history and cultures, building relationships with local families and students, academically challenging classes at Cornerstone, service learning in underserved communities, and an opportunity to enjoy the rich beauty and diversity of our country. Feedback from previous study-abroad students has been overwhelmingly positive as they have come to understand how their faith relates to issues of diversity, reconciliation, poverty and social responsibility. And besides that, they build lasting friendships and have loads of fun in the process.

Semester Study Abroad  Intensive Study Abroad 
Each year Cornerstone offers a study-abroad programme for the spring semester (mid-January to early May), but is seeking to expand this to the fall semester (mid-August to early December). A minimum cohort of six students is required for each semester, but we are glad to arrange modified study-abroad programmes for smaller groups. For more details on our semester study-abroad programme and academic offerings, see the brochure above. Cornerstone has also been privileged to participate in jointly developed intensive (two- to three-week) study-abroad programmes with foreign institutions. These have included the Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Reconciliation Immersion Program with Messiah College and the Memory, Truth and Reconciliation course with the University of Winnipeg. These programmes involved students from both institutions learning together as they visited South African places of interest, heard from South African leaders, and reflected together on both readings and experiences. We look forward to further intensive study-abroad opportunities with these and other institutions.

Study Abroad Brochure


Contact Us

We are always eager to explore and enter into new partnerships with other institutions. We always welcome discussions about such opportunities. Please contact our International Partnerships Co-ordinator, Beverley Dankers, at