Student Guidelines

Personal Integrity

To live in a manner that inspires trust and confidence, showing regard for self and the other. This includes respect for the building and visitors to Cornerstone campus. Student areas for informal conversation will be limited to the coffee shop area. In order to show respect to visitors and the library, students will be asked to refrain from having loud conversations in the reception area at the side entrance of the Cornerstone campus.

Responsible Lifestyle

To seek to avoid activities that are offensive to others or that lead to addiction. We therefore expect there to be no alcohol, tobacco or addictive substances on campus, at Cornerstone activities or in any public place or context where the name of the institution can be brought into disrepute. All Cornerstone students, both in their personal and public life, are expected to abstain from the use of illicit drugs and excessive use of alcohol.

Family Responsibility

To give priority to fulfilling family responsibilities, and to preserving the family.


To ensure that at all times our appearance and dress will be neat and modest so as to enhance our Christian testimony, avoiding pride, elaborateness and sensuality. We require that students be sensitive to the cultural and fashion differences of the community. The Director of Student Services will monitor and advise in this area.

Social Obligation

To fulfill our role in society in a responsible way, we seek in our activities and attitudes to address injustices in a spirit of love and understanding. We aim to cultivate a community that is sensitive to cultural differences.

Academic Guidelines The purpose of the booklets are to assist you in attaining the academic standard required from this institution. Please use it as your primary point of reference when doing your assignments.