Name: Shamiso

Surname: Ruzvidzo

Gender: Female

Age: 12/11/1990

Nationality: Zimbabwen

Home Language: Shona

Programme: Bcom

Start Year: 2018

Previous School: Cornerstone institute

Local City: Cape Town


I was born in a family of 6, I am the youngest of four boys and two girls. My father passed away when l was two months old, I was raised by a single mother.  I grew up in a small village called Ziriwo in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. Both my primary and high school education was completed in the village, where only God knows how l managed to complete my studies. I grew up in serious and deep poverty where wed lacked even something to eat as my father died and left us with nothing. The oldest sibling of mine was in grade 7 when my father passed so we had no one to help us. I grew up  in rejection and in suffering in life where you would not think or imagine that tomorrow will be better, a life where you would rather want to be dead than to live because the suffering was just unbearable. A Life where you get used to abuse, thinking that it  a normal life.

Then later after my high school l moved to South Africa because of the hardship and it was unsafe as the family was ready to sell me out for slavery for their own benefit. I had hope to maybe find work and empower myself and pursue my education as my mother failed to send me to college as we could not afford it. The past 10 years have been out of this world, after completing my high school I’ve learnt so much as a student, as a young woman and just in general, as a person. I have developed new skills and abilities, exercised old ones, and more importantly, I had fun while doing it. While learning so much about myself and others, I developed aspirations about my future, and over the past semester, I have made plans to achieve and complete my aspirations and dreams.

 I honestly cannot afford to pay for my school fees as living here in South Africa is not easy at all. On top of that, I have not achieved any proper qualification to get a proper job. All l do is community service and volunteering so I don’t get paid. However, l am passionate about my education and l really want to be somebody in life who will be independent and be able to help those in need.

I always had the desire to earn a bachelor’s degree in commerce as well as a Ph.D. No matter the challenges of life l never gave up on who l want to become and l want to achieve. I have the desire to make a difference in the world and l believe with this Qualification it’s a foundation for my career to be able to help the world.

There are many ways to impact the world around us. For me, I will take advantage of my education in business studies, my godly character, positive attitude, goal-oriented personality and many other attributes imbedded in me to touch the world around me. I will engage people on a personal level and bigger audiences as the opportunity arises.

My personality as a people’s person is an advantage and with the skill I will acquire through my studies will provide me with edge to reach different groups of people in our society.

I pray one-day l will have my own financial aid to be able to assist those who can’t afford education and empower those who grew up without fathers or both parents and they become vulnerable and loose hope in life. I would share my own testimony for them to know that they can become somebody in life regardless on your background.

Cornerstone Institute
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