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Dr Rudi buys

Dean of Humanities

Rudi Buys joined Cornerstone Institute in 2017, following completion of his doctoral studies as full-time student locally and abroad. His prior roles among others include dean of student affairs at Free State University (2010-2014), Provincial Youth Commissioner tasked with education (2005-2009) and spokesman of the provincial education ministry.

Rudi specialized to masters level in public theology, with a focus on community engagement. His dissertation dealt with the practice of holistic communication and language theory, drawing theoretically on the work of Leonardo Boff, Jurgen Moltman and Ludwig Wittgenstein, among others. Prof. Kallie August and Prof. Johan Cilliers at Stellenbosch University supervised successive dissertations. In his doctoral work Rudi focused on higher education studies, with a focus on change theory. He completed the qualitative study in 2015 as visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the dissertation last year supervised by Prof. Jonathan Jansen at the University of the Free State. The study theoretically draws on the work of Paulo Freire, Homi Bhabha, Donald Winnicott and Rene Girard, among others.

In addition to conferences to present his findings, Rudi currently continues his research with two book projects on bridgebuilding as theory of change leadership. He wants to be a Freirean and a phenomenologist, a scholar of praxis.


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