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The University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) School of Governance

Please join us for our third Critical Dialogue for 2019, Religion, Spirituality and Social Justice: Considerations toward Ethical Leadership.

This dialogue will be chaired and facilitated by Professor Gertrude Fester who was an anti-apartheid activist. She obtained her PhD at the London School of Economics in 2007. As an activist, Fester was a founding member of many women’s organisations, including the Gender Advocacy Programme and Women’s Education & Artistic Voice Expression (WEAVE). Today, she gives guest lectures in universities all over the world, including the University of Washington at Saint Louis, USA, Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, and Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

The audience will be invited to participate in the dialogue with the following respondents:

Rev Berry Behr – Chairperson of the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative, and the South African co-ordinator for the Charter for Compassion. She has presented internationally and regularly co-ordinates multifaith, multicultural events aimed at promoting an inclusive society based on understanding, compassion and respect. Rev Berry Behr will make a contribution around the Charter for Compassion, signed in Cape Town in 2014, and what opportunities this document presents for conceptions of Ethical Leadership.

Dr Darlene Miller – Senior Lecturer at the Wits School of Governance (WSG). After taking up the position of National Education Coordinator for SACCAWU, a food and retail trade union in the 1990s, she became the Director of the Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA), a research and training non-profit based in Witwatersrand (Gauteng). She completed a Doctorate in Sociology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, US. Darlene initiated a series of “Green Leadership Schools” in recent years which explored the indigenization of university education in South Africa. Her recent work includes research and amateur documentaries on women’s leadership, land grabs in Southern Africa, and indigenous food gardeners in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

Dr Darlene Miller will be discussing what potential alternative women-centred approaches to power and governance could offer conceptions of Ethical Leadership.

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Isibaya, Artscape Theatre,
Cape Town


04 July 2019
17h00 – 19h30