TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
(56 Credits)

 TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TESOL 1A Introduction                  – 12 credits\120 hours in contact mode.
TESOL 1 & 2 – Advanced training    -56 Credits\520 hours in contact mode. 


TESOL is an English teacher training programme that provides students with skills and advanced understanding of teaching English as a second or additional language. The programme aims to equip students to impact the lives of learners in South Africa and in other parts of the world, where English is an essential life skill.

Programme Coordinator

Sandy Willcox, MA Applied Linguistics TESOL. Sandy has had extensive experience teaching English to students taking degrees in Ethiopia, and has trained TESOL teachers in Ethiopia, Asia, Canada and South Africa. Sandy is passionate about helping students develop language, relational and teaching skills that will have a positive impact on those for whom English is a vital life skill. 

Admission Requirements

Matriculation Certificate or equivalent with 50% or more for English


Admission based on mature age of 23 years and over will be considered upon the completion of a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Portfolio.

Applicants with a CELTA or an equivalent qualification may apply for credit for TESOL 1A Introduction and do any of the advanced modules.

Tuition Cost

Winter school
TESOL 1A  – R5360.00
Date: 03 June – 28 June 2019

Refer to TESOL fees Link

Time Commitment

TESOL 1A Introduction: 12 credits\120 hours – contact mode.

This may be taken in semester one, once a week for 14 weeks.


As a one month intensive course in June\July

TESOL 1 & 2 may be taken as part of the BA or BTh or as a stand-alone subject, part-time, over 1 or 2 years. In each of the four modules students will complete a practicum. 


TESOL 1A. Introduction. (12 credits) This is designed as a stand-alone module as well as an introduction to the TESOL specialisation within the BA and BTh. This is a prerequisite for entry to the other 3 modules.

TESOL 1B. Method. (12 credits) Various language teaching methods will be presented and evaluated. Students will develop their own eclectic teaching philosophy and will learn how to apply their understanding of method, learner needs and teaching tools, to plan and execute learner centred lessons.

TESOL 2A. Skills. (16 credits) This is an advanced module in the theory and practice of teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar.

TESOL 2B. Language Learning and Practice (16 credits). This module will complete the process of preparing students to continue to grow as professionals and to make a contribution to the TESOL profession. Some skills needed to thrive in a cross-cultural context will be explored.

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