Othello and Racism

Othello is a well-loved play, which has been growing increasingly popular. We will study it one act at a time and use it as a springboard to discuss racism. Was racism worse, the same or less prominent in the Venice of 500 years ago that Shakespeare portrays?

These discussions should lead to the sharing of new insights and help us to come to grips with this important issue. Shakespeare, truth and healing – a stimulating mix!

About the Presenter: Melanie Steyn has an MA in English Literature and has taught English for many years at a number of levels, mainly to speakers of other languages, such as Tshivenda, Afrikaans and Korean.  Her writings include an Easter community play and two novellas: Theo’s Own Donkey set in the Karoo, and Once Around the Sun, which tells about a year in the life of a Korean family.