Obituary: Robson Kwamando

Robson Kwamando came from Malawi to Cornerstone Institute, then Cornerstone Christian College. He completed his Licentiate in Intercultural Studies in 2002.

Robson wrote this in the story of his experience at Cornerstone, “Cornerstone Christian College was a place where I was exposed to multicultural community. It has been a good experience that I will carry and use in my life. This experience helped me to be confident in my own cultural norms and upbringing and to be able to appreciate this in every cultural grouping of people.”

In 2004 he started a ministry called Kingdom Life Christian Church, which was celebrating 11 years of God’s Grace this year. The church started on the campus of UCT. Presently it was meeting in Guguletu.

Robson had a thirst for studying and learning. His studies at Cornerstone paved the way for him to be accepted for further studies at UCT where he received both a BA and honours in Social Development. It was while at UCT that he says, “I fell in love with studying. It became a life-long hobby for me.” He went on to receive his honours at UWC in Public Administration and at the time of his death, he was busy with his Masters in Public Administration.

Robson was known for his ability to encourage people. He related to all out of a humble spirit, giving dignity to all. He also brought enjoyment and humour into conversations as well as exhortation when it was needed.

Robson passed away after a short illness, the end of August 2016. At his memorial service, which was held in Gugulethu, there were many expressions of appreciation by his colleagues for the leadership he gave in the area of Social Work, as well as a Pastor at the Kingdom Life Christian Church. Sam Ndigiwa, who studied with him at Cornerstone, was also a part of the Congregation where served as Pastor. He spoke of Robson’s dedication and commitment to people and God’s Word.

Robson leaves behind his wife, Nomhkhaya and daughter. May he rest in peace. We are grateful for the legacy he left to many, as he lived out his love for God in this adopted land of South Africa.

Author: Margie Gustafson, Faculty Emeritus Cornerstone Institute

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