New critical skills list for SA expected in 2020

Potential immigrants can use the ‘critical skills visa’ to seek legal status

The department of higher education has begun the lengthy process of compiling a new list of critical skills that will be used to determine whether a foreigner may apply for a visa to live and work in SA.

The “critical skills visa” is one of a few options that potential immigrants can use to seek legal status, and aims to ensure that only individuals whose skills are in short supply are able to settle in the country. The existing list, which was compiled and gazetted in 2014, includes a long list of occupations.

Earlier in 2019, a new draft list that was more restrictive came into circulation. Immigration lawyers, who received the list from officials at home affairs, say that the list was intermittently applied, although not officially. Among the major changes is that the category of corporate general manager has been excised — an omission that has raised concern among business organisations.

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