Name: Naa’irah

Surname: Saul

Gender: Female

Age: 7/07/1998

Nationality: SA

Home Language: English

Programme: BA

Start Year: 2018

Previous School: Gjmeiring Decriee

Local City: Cape Town


I grew up in Cape Town with two very amazing and supporting parents and two loving sisters. I come from a very diverse family background Growing up in a big diverse family I learned that everyone has their own views on life and that even though there might be conflict about the different viewpoints we always standby each other because family is everything. Another lesson I learned at a young age is that you learn something every day and that you should not judge people because you do not know their story. In my family, we went through a lot of challenges that shaped me into who I am today. One of the challenges I faced in my life that really taught me a big lesson was when I went through anxiety and depression in high school, I learned that you should not take mental illnesses lightly. Without my family, I do not think I would be able to cope.

Looking ahead at my studies  I need financial support so that it can take the burden off my parents shoulders as they have three children to take care of, and my sister’s husband and child because he is unemployed. I am trying to find a job so that I can help my Mom pay off a loan we made to help pay for my studies.

I am studying psychology because I love listening and helping people, mostly teenagers’ because they are still trying to figure out their identity and I want to empower people to reach their dreams and overcome obstacles in their life. Once I  receive my qualifications I’m hoping to get a job as either a clinical/counselling psychologist or school psychology or health psychology while doing organisation work. I would like to start my own non-profit organisation, one that supports all causes and allows you to support as many causes as you can without needing to be super rich or qualified in something. An organisation where you can provide any kind of help you can offer like maybe read to children, planting trees or donating clothes.  There is a quote that says “We rise by lifting others” which really is something I’m trying to live by. If I had the money I would start a non-profit organisation which supports all causes and gives free counselling to those who need it. Some of the many things I want to do is start something that helps unemployed people to find jobs and learn skills, open safe and helpful shelters which are free and I would want to give an education to as many people as possible from primary school all the way up to college/university. I guess I have always been someone who wanted to change the world and solve all its problems, but I have learned that you cannot change the world on your own. So something I would like to change in the world is the idea of Ubuntu because if everyone helps their neighbour who would need help.

Cornerstone Institute
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