Name: Lynette

Surname: Woodberg

Gender: Female

Age: 20/11/1969

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BA Psychology

Start Year: 2018

Previous School: UNISA

Local City: Cape Town


Background / Challenges / Early Life Challenges

I am the youngest of 6 children.  My dad died when I was only 13 years old.  We grew up in small semi-detached house in Wynberg My mom, a strong woman, raised us all and she gave me the opportunity to attend an all girl’s school (RC Model C) in Wynberg and I finished Matric there.  I started a casual weekend job at Shoprite in Rondebosch at age 15 as we had a limited income.

Financial Support Required

I need the support for payment of university fees as I have to support my family while I am studying (husband, 2 school going kids and mother who has Alzheimer’s).   The financial strain is heavy on us as we have very limited financial help from family members in support of my mom who has lived with me for 21 years.  I attend to full running cost of our home and all the added extras for my mother (medical expenses i.e., doctors, toiletries, medication).  The financial burden is very taxing on me. I made a decision a long time ago to take care of my mom and never to place her in an old age home.  I plan to honour my mom until the day God takes her home.

Choice of Study

I have chosen the BPsych Equivalent Honours Degree after initially starting my Psychology Honours (Academic) in 2017.  When the opportunity to study at Cornerstone arose, I decided to shift gear towards Registered Counselling as I wanted to get into practically helping our people and communities My dream to counsel started in 1998 when our company was taken over and the HR Manager asked the HR team for volunteers to do an intense 3 week full-time LIFELINE course; thereby enabling our HR team to come back and counsel those who needed counselling.  I accepted the challenge as this always something that I wanted to do.  I do not regret this decision as it was the springboard to my academic counselling career.

I am really enjoying the theoretical and practical side of this course.  I plan to complete it, write the HPCSA Board Exam, graduate and open my practice.

Change the World

There are so many people who cannot see Psychologists due to availability or cost; this is where Registered Counsellors are so important: counselling 1-1; group counselling, psychoeducation and psychometric testing.  My dream is to work in communities where people have been challenged for years, example, the unemployed who have limited skills; assisting them to become independent and help them to create opportunities for work. I would also like to make an impact at schools through counselling and psycho-education.  Our children are challenged with so many issues especially if their home environments are challenged, resulting in a hoard of issues including gangsterism, fighting, bullying.