Living Values Workshop

The Living Values Educational (LVEP) program is a values education programme. It offers a variety of experiential values activities and practical methodologies for educators to integrate in their classrooms.

This program is a partnership among educators around the world. It is currently supported by UNESCO, and operates under and association called ALIVE (The Association for Living Values Education International). The program is geared to help learners reach their full potential, and the LVEP provides tools and guiding principles that empower the whole person – intellectual, emotional spiritual and physical. Designed to be used in both formal and non-formal settings, LVEP reinforces positive character traits and emotional intelligence.

This program is designed to be effective not only with achieving students but also with students considered “unmotivated’ or marginalised. A broad range of activities encourages active exploration while the creation of a values-based climate supports student growth towards socially conscious behaviour.

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About the Presenter: Pratiba Daya graduated at the University of KZN and is currently a teacher at Brahma Kumaris.