Birthday: 5/11/1983 (Age 34)

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BPsych Equivalent

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: UNISA

Local City: Plumstead


My name is Liska. I have a vision for a counselling service that is caring and productive, one that will motivate people on their journey towards health, wholeness, and a bright future.  I’m studying at Cornerstone to learn how to provide that service. The BPsych Equivalent Programme at Cornerstone has enabled me to get a good grounding in the role and scope of a Registered Counsellor, and I have an understanding of the key methodologies I will need in my professional career.

I have grown tremendously from the experience, and already feel that I’m part of the way to becoming an integrated health professional.  The degree also lets me register with the health professional council of South Africa – a significant boost to the credibility of my work and a tool that will expand my access to other working professionals within the sector.

My goal is to set up a community health care centre that provides integrated, comprehensive services to people who cannot afford to pay extravagant medical costs. Please support me in my journey.

Cornerstone Institute
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