Life Skills Practitioner Course

The Academy of Life Coaching is the brainchild of Patricia Manshon. It is a co-operative, registered with CIPRO in 2009 and was accredited with the South African Board of People Practices in 2012. Since 2009 to 2012, 44 graduated as accredited Life Coaches. The course and material content has evolved over the years and has improved to become client centric, action oriented and results focused. The accredited Life Skills Coaching Course, which not only gives you skills and techniques, also offers a unique, integrated self-development opportunity in our interactive classes.

Why life coaching? It can assist with stress / depression habits (Stress is believed to be the No 1 killer); relationship problems – work and home; lack of communication skills; unable to deal with conflict and emotions; abusive behaviour – alcohol, drugs, physical, emotional; issues with finance, health, personal development, career; lack of self-confidence / motivation / goals / purpose; under performance or low productivity; deal with current challenges; and dealing with diversity barriers.
How will it benefit you? It increases self-awareness and self-confidence; improves health and well-being; enhances communication – have difficult conversations; helps you to deal better with conflict / stress; exposes limiting beliefs; develops emotional intelligence; improves productivity / performance; creates greater sense of responsibility; helps you to take action and be consistent.
Who should attend? Anyone can! You must be teachable, willing to open your mind to learn, and be approachable to people. It is really up to you. All leaders and educators will benefit from this course which takes you on a personal journey of discovering who you are and bringing your full potential to the fore. It is highly practical and spiritual, and incorporates global healing practices such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or ‘The Tapping Solution’) and Dr Bradley Neilson’s ‘Body Code’, which course participants learn for their own use.
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About the Presenter: Patricia Manshon (MA Public Administration and Management) is a qualified teacher, certified life skills coach, registered assessor, registered moderator and has been training life skills coaches since 2009. She presents the Life Skills Practitioner Course at the Winter School, which is a ten day accredited course (SABPP) ideal for anyone who is interested in transforming their lives.