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Dr Camaren Peter

Course Name

Master Class: Leveraging Sustainability Innovations


R 1500 (This is a non-credit bearing course)

Course Description

The sustainability agenda is here to stay. Renewable energies, green technologies, permaculture and agro-ecological practises, eco-tourism, cleaner production, climate change mitigation and adaptation, urban sustainability and sustainable human settlements are all emerging areas of practice within this new sector. This introductory course is designed to expose mid-to-high level executives in the public and private sectors to the field of sustainability and the key innovations that are unfolding in this growing sector. It will help unlock their ability to work with sustainability by introducing them to a variety of case studies in sustainability innovations, and by assisting them to develop project and programme-level sustainability proposals in their respective organisational contexts and areas of work.

Description of Course Presenter

Since 2004 Dr Camaren Peter’s work has been focussed on; (1) influencing policy discourse to reflect the goals of sustainable development across Africa, (2) formulating and disseminating planning tools and methodologies (e.g. online tool-kits) to development practitioners in national, regional and city governments. He has worked across the African continent, and the world, in collaboration with various organisations and agencies (such as the United Nations) to over the past 14 years in this capacity. He has also worked with city and provincial governments, private sector organisations and civil society groups on sustainability oriented projects, practises and systems.  He is passionate about ensuring that sustainable development is socially inclusive, and about enabling all sectors to participate in this growing sector.

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