Letter of Appreciation

Cornerstone’s focus on community service and development includes accommodating Gr12s to do job-shadowing at our Campus. We learn from these learners as much as they learn from us!

Below see the letter of appreciation by a parent:

September 22, 2016

Rudy /Johanna
Cornerstone Institute
127 Cecil Road
Salt River, Cape Town

Dear Rudy & Johanna

Thank you again for allowing my son M and his friend L to visit you guys Tuesday and Wednesday. I realize that this took time away from your regular responsibilities, and I am grateful for all the information that you were able to provide regarding your jobs at Cornerstone Institute.

Last night, M spoke to us about his experience at Cornerstone, (and he said that) he became more convinced that he wants to explore Engineering as a future career choice. I am so happy for the information you have provided him, (especially) regarding which subjects should be focused on in school and University.

Thank you again for giving them this valuable learning experience; a special thank you, Johanna, I was told you were totally amazing and so welcoming.



PS. Dropping off something small as a token of appreciation tomorrow.

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