Their mission is to change the world. We viewed movies that opened our minds to new ideas, our hearts to new people and eyes to new experiences.


Venue: Cornerstone Institute campus

The following films were screened at our Film Festival:

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disspoet poster

17 June, Friday

Diaries of a Dissident Poet is a unique, rare and intimate slice of South African history, as told by one of the country’s most significant poets, and serves as a vital archive for future generations.

The poet, James Matthews, and the director of this film, Shelly Barry was there to meet the audience and answered questions about the film – a very special occasion!

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bcpost24 June, Friday

Black Christmas is a South African story that probes the deep dimensions of forgiveness. Olga Macingwane, one of the survivors of a bomb attack, sees the humanity of the youngest of the perpetrators, Stefaans Coetzee, and this sets them both on an unexpected path that culminates in his release from prison. Among the audience members we were honoured too have welcomed producer of the film, Prof. Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.

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The screening of the extraordinary documentary ‘Action Kommandant’ drew a crowd, even on a cold winter’s night in Cape Town. We were honoured to also host the inspiring producer and director of the film, moviemaker Nadine Angel Cloete. This film was one of the most demanding documentary films featured at the Cornerstone Film Festival, and elicited strong emotions from the audience.

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From BBOYS poster8 July, Friday

From B-Boys To Men is a raw film that shows how passion, tenacity and a shoestring budget combined with a cool tool to reach kids could make for miracles.

The film’s director, Tanswell Jansen was at the screening to answer questions, and hip hop dancers from Heal the Hood gave us a show – it was a vibrant, fantastic evening!

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