Birthday: 4/28/1987 (Age 30)

Nationality: Zimbabwe

Home Language: Ndebele

Programme: Postgraduate Certificate in Education IP

Start Year: 2017

Previous School: Pan African Christian College

Local City: Knysna


My name is Felix. I am studying in the PGCE programme because my goal is to become a professionally qualified teacher. I love disseminating knowledge and helping students to learn and understand concepts better. Teaching is my passion and calling, hence there is always a strong sense of fulfilment from deep within when teaching learners.

Serving and working in a less privileged community has challenged me both financially and academically, but that has only increased my drive to further my education and the value I place on it. Hence, I aspire to one day build an institute that will develop, empower and raise young leaders with to standards of academic excellence in all kinds of fields.

The benefit of doing the PGCE programme then is that it will broaden my scope of understanding. It will better equip and adequately train me as an educator. Ultimately, furthering my studies will better position me to shape the lives of those around me in positive ways, and provide for my family as a husband and a father. 

Cornerstone Institute
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