logoftcThank you for your interest in Entrepreneurial Competencies Training Programme. This is an exciting capacity building opportunity for all entrepreneurs who aim to run successful businesses.

Please find attached the Programme Outline detailing the topics that will be covered per module.

The duration of the programme is 12 weeks which includes 1 week of internship and mentoring in a similar business.

The 11 weeks of contact time with either be:

  • 5 days of 1.5 hour sessions in the morning, or
  • 3 days of 3 hour sessions in the afternoon, or
  • Part-time on a Friday evening and Saturday

The cost is R17 500.00/ person (incl. VAT) and groups of a minimum of 5 are charged at R15 000.00/ person. Discounts will be considered with motivation.

We are in the process of developing this programme on an online platform. If this will rather suit your needs, we will add you to our database and inform you once this goes live.

Download the  Programme Outline and the 2017  Application Form.