Energy Audit

Materials: Please bring a recent electricity account or pre-paid slip as well as a clipboard and writing materials. A calculator may also be useful. You will be expected to carry out a short practical exercise at home or at work after the first session before attending the second session. An audit sheet template will be provided with links to further online information sources. For more information about The Green Connection, visit:

About the Presenters: Liz McDaid has a Masters in Climate Change and Development and is an independent environmentalist having worked at the energy/ poverty/ community nexus with a focus on participative governance for over 25 years.  Lynette Munro will be presenting along with Liz

Find out watts up with your electricity use and start a journey to save energy and gain power. The price of electricity is increasing each year. That does not mean it has to cost you more! You can make significant savings simply by understanding what activities and appliances use Watts and how to shift to energy efficiency. Learn how to measure, manage and minimize your electricity use.

Course content: Explanation of the electricity tariff system – why do you pay what you pay for electricity. How to measure what your kettle, stove and hot water cylinder use in your home, office or business, and what behavioural and changes you can make to save energy and money – a practical guide. Introduction to going off grid – what if I want to put up solar panels and generate my own electricity? Issues, trends and opportunities for own generation.