Equip yourself with the new B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice by registering for this short online course presented by the leader in the field of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Overview of Empowerdex

EmpowerdexInspiring Empowerment through Innovation, Research and Technology

Since 2001, Empowerdex has been redefining empowerment in Africa and taking it to new heights by achieving milestones that stand testament to Africa’s continuous development and involvement in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) landscape.

Empowerdex’s mission is to promote the growth of businesses that operate in Africa by assisting them in acquiring clients and investors and guiding them in best-practice strategies. The training division teaches companies about the Codes of Good Practice and Sector Codes from a holistic point of view with sustainability a key feature: programmes are designed to withstand changes in the underlying codes.

Empowerdex Services at a Glance

  • Generic verification: Companies with a turnover of > R50 million.
  • Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) verification: Turnover of R10 – R50 million.
  • Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME) Ownership assessment: Turnover < R10 million.
  • Sector Code verifications
  • B-BBEE advisory service
  • B-BBEE training
  • B-BBEE assurance engagements based on the SASAE 3502 produced by IRBA through Empowerdex Inc.

Empowerdex is a Level One BEE contributor and is SANAS accredited. It is also a founding member of the Association of BEE Professionals and is registered with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors.

Empowerdex operates nationally, servicing over six thousand clients ranging from large JSE-listed companies to smaller QSE and EME clients representing every industry in the country. Should you require a B-BBEE certificate or further information on any of our services, please contact Empowerdex for more information.

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Introduction to B-BBEE  | 6 – 8  Hour Online Course

This course is presented to you by Empowerdex in association with Cornerstone Institute.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is an initiative launched by the South African government to address the inequalities perpetuated by the apartheid regime in the country.  Between 1948 and 1993, South Africa suffered institutionalised segregation.  Through legislation, people who were not white were marginalised on the basis of the colour of their skin.

Since 1994, South Africans have been working hard at rebuilding the country and economic freedom is an integral part of the process. In 2003, the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act was promulgated, legislating a new way of measuring economic transformation for South Africa.

South Africa is now entering the third wave of economic empowerment measurement: from 1 May 2015, Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment will be measured using the Codes of Good Practice gazetted on 11 October 2013.

The purpose of this online course is to introduce to you the principles contained in the amended Codes of Good Practice, and advise you through their complexities in the most efficient way for your company to meet the new requirements, which change the measurement criteria that companies operating in South Africa will be required to meet going forward.

The course should take you between 6 – 8 hours and on completion you should have a detailed understanding of the amended codes and how they affect your business.

A critical component of B-BBEE is Enterprise and Supplier Development and you are encouraged to purchase a login to this Introductory Course for your suppliers at a significant discount, with expenditure on this counting towards your spend in this area.


This course is designed solely to educate and guide an individual through the requirements of the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Completion of this course does not guarantee an organisation a certain B-BBEE score on their B-BBEE Scorecard, and completion of this course does not automatically result in  your organisation obtaining a B-BBEE Certificate. Your organisation will still be require to undertake a full verification from an accredited verification agency in order to receive a B-BBEE Certificate.

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    Purchase a login for each of your staff that should do the course as well as your important suppliers and service providers. You receive a substantial discount off the single user price of R750. If you purchase 20 user logins then you will pay less than R400 per login.

    Any login names that are not activated within 6 months from the date of purchase will be refunded in full.

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    The course comprises 7 modules, which will give you an understanding of the new codes:

    Module 1

    • South Africa’s transformation journey to date
    • How we measure transformation
    • The B-BBEE Act 46 of 2013
    • New considerations emanating from the amendments to the B-BBEE Act
      • Fronting
      • B-BBEE commission


    Module 2

    • The tools through which we measure transformation:
      • A comparison of the 2007 and 2013 Codes of Good Practice highlighting:
        • Turnover thresholds
        • The scorecard
        • Priority elements and discounting
        • Points allocation and procurement recognition levels
      • The soul of empowerment.


    Module 3

    • The Ownership Element of the Codes of Good Practice:
      • Voting rights and economic interest
      • The outgoing codes
      • The incoming codes
      • The concept of indirect ownership
      • Important considerations
      • The current and amended modified flow-through principle


    Module 4

    • The Management Control Element of the Codes of Good Practice:
      • Outline of management control and supplementary legislation applicable to this element
      • What are EAP targets?
      • Levels of management considered for management control
      • The outgoing codes
      • The incoming codes
      • The management control formula
      • Important considerations


    Module 5

    • The Skills Development Element of the Codes of Good Practice:
      • Why is skills development so important?
      • The outgoing codes
      • The learning program matrix
      • The incoming codes
      • Important considerations


    Module 6

    • The Enterprise and Suppler Development Element of the Codes of Good Practice:
      • The concept of an ‘empowering supplier’
      • The incoming codes
        • Preferential procurement
        • Enterprise development
        • Supplier enterprise development
      • Important considerations


    Module 7

    • The Socio Economic Development Element of the Codes of Good Practice:
      • The incoming codes
      • Important considerations


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