Implementing a Practical Framework.

This interactive and experiential workshop will teach participants to confidently implement The Resilience Toolkit, including an opportunity to practice the gently organic therapeutic tremor, an evidence-informed practice that uniquely completes the stress cycle. Grounded in theory, evidence, and a social justice context, The Toolkit utilizes selected mindfulness and movement practices to promote embodied self-awareness, nervous system, and emotional regulation. The Toolkit empowers participants with an intersectional and ecologically sensitive framework to identify their own stress physiology and select appropriate regulation skills that build resilience over time. Meant to be taught in groups, the Toolkit is community-based; and because it accesses basic human physiology, it is cross-culturally adaptive and accessible. Guidance will be provided on Toolkit implementation in various settings through case study examples.


Nkem Ndefo, MSN, CNM, RN

For bookings, contact Maryka at email: or tel: 021 448 0050

Nkem Ndefo is the founder of Lumos Transforms and creator of The Resilience Toolkit. She is a skilled practitioner, dynamic speaker, and valued strategist. She is known for her unique ability to connect with people of all types by holding powerful healing spaces, weaving complex concepts into accessible narratives, and creating synergistic and collaborative learning communities that nourish people’s innate capacity for healing, wellness, and connection.

Cornerstone Institute
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