Eco Justice Course

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About the Presenters: Liz McDaid has a Masters in Climate Change and Development and is an independent environmentalist having worked at the energy/ poverty/ community nexus with a focus on participative governance for over 25 years.  Lynette Munro will be presenting along with Liz

Look at your surroundings through the eyes of environmental experts and find out how racial and eco injustices are continuing in a system of inequality today, AND find out how to change this! The course explores the following aspects of eco justice:

  1. What is eco-justice? What relevance has eco justice for South Africa, and why is eco justice necessary part of poverty alleviation?
  2. Water. Without water we die. But in times of droughts, who has access to water and why?
  3. Energy. Understanding how energy decisions are made. The historical legacy of coal and who benefits and who dies.
  4. Waste. Where does the waste go? Who gets to decide who breathes polluted air? The legacy of third world dumping – silence is consent.
  5. The natural system – how human society is learning from nature to address key eco justice issues.
  6. Field trip to see the theory in action.