Dr. James Matthews, an Inspirational Dissident

17 June, 2016

Dr James Matthews
Shelley Barry

As part of our 2016 Winter School, Cornerstone Institute hosts a Film Festival that features four notable documentaries that we believe capture the history and dignity of the South African liberation struggle. On Friday, June 17, the Festival was launched, and we were honoured to host Dr James Matthews at Cornerstone Institute with the screening of the documentary about him and his work, “Diaries of a Dissident Poet”. We were also honoured to have the director, Shelley Barry, with us.
Patricia Manshon, an audience member, commented, “Congratulations Cornerstone Institute for a magical evening last night. The auditorium was amazingly transformed and the atmosphere electric. It was a historic moment for me, catching up with Shelley Barry again and meeting the documentary’s star himself, the poet, Dr James Matthews”.

The documentary itself was deep and thought provoking; we lived through it, enjoying the humour and history. Well done Cornerstone, a worthy first of the four documentaries lined up for viewing.


Some of the audience with the poet and the director.

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