Doors to Varsity need not be closed!

So, your child’s matric results are out and they’re on your mind a lot, because you worry about her future. The good news is that the door to varsity and academic qualifications need not be closed for her without a diploma and bachelor pass . At Cornerstone we offer solutions for students with diverse academic goals and needs, while simultaneously opening doors to many other opportunities.

Our accredited Higher Certificate in Business Studies and Higher Certificate in Community Counselling give, upon successful completion, entry into a number of degree programmes. They are designed to accommodate both the recently-matriculated students who need easing into the challenging world of academic performance, or the mature, experienced student who wants to increase their subject knowledge for practical purposes. We even assist with finding ways to fund studies through bursaries and other options.Untitled-4.jpg

For entrepreneurial, business-minded and enterprising women and men of all ages, our Higher Certificate in Business Studies unlocks a practical, up-to-date knowledge base with subjects like Introduction to Marketing, Project Management, Business and Information Technology, Accounting, and Economics and Leadership studies, to name a few.  Knowledge is put to excellent use when, before completion, the students draw up their own Business Plans. No reason why you cannot become your own boss with this certificate under your belt. The course offers a solid foundation for either entering into the entrepreneurial market, or entering into further academic studies.

If you are in any way involved in the upliftment of any community, the Higher Certificate in Community Counselling could be exactly what you need to enhance the wonderful work you already do, or it could offer you a pass to obtaining a qualification. So child-carers, youth leaders, NPO-workers, teachers, community workers, take note! With subjects like Crises Counselling, Community and Mental Health Issues, Developmental Psychology, Family and Development, Conflict Resolution and HIV/AIDS Counselling, you could successfully and effectively harness your practical knowledge for the increased benefit of your cause.

Our courses are offered by impassioned, highly-qualified lecturers who have a heart for their students and take personal interest in each new entrant. Cornerstone Institute is committed to, through education, equip people with the power the change the world.

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