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Our educational campaign has come to an end. We shared posts related to universities and higher education, such as the application process, the role of a Dean, and other relevant concepts. 

To simplify your search for helpful information, we have compiled this reference list containing some of the primary definitions we shared during our educational campaign. 

These definitions apply to higher education and may differ in other contexts.



  • The process of applying to enter an academic programme at an educational institution.

All you need to do to apply to study at Cornerstone Institute is:

  1. Open an application on our website
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Upload the documents we need to verify your details. 

For more information on the application process, see this video:

Application Process


  • Signing up for specific classes and confirming your enrollment at the start of an academic period.

The registration process at Cornerstone Institute refers to the phase of enrolment during which you will register for the modules you want to study and make your initial fee payment. 

Registration is the last step to take to become an official Cornerstone student!

CAT (Credit Transfer)

  • The recognition of credits for transfer from one qualification to another.

Cornerstone Institute recognises the significance and value of RPL and CAT for many prospective students. Cornerstone also recognises the importance of a well-articulated credit transfer system in supporting the mobility of students whose circumstances have required them to stop their studies at another university temporarily and who elect to resume their studies at Cornerstone. Hence the significance of a proactive CAT policy, grounded in collegial agreements with other universities and colleges in the post-school system and supported by reliable information, advising, and mentoring service to assist with applications for credit transfer.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • A process through which a person’s prior knowledge and skills are assessed for alternative access, certification, or further learning.

At Cornerstone Institute, we recognise that learning is a dynamic process that does not always occur traditionally or linearly. Our RPL process allows students to access a course or exemption from some modules by applying for alternative prior learning experiences to be recognised by our RPL and CAT Units.

Find more information on RPL and CAT here: 

Higher Certificate

  • A skills-based qualification aimed at equipping students with a broad understanding of their chosen field.

A higher certificate is an introductory qualification that aims to equip students with the foundational knowledge and skills required to understand and work in their chosen field.

Bachelor’s Degree

  • An NQF level 7 degree is awarded to a student by a college or university after three or four years of study.

Bachelor’s degrees are designed to give students an understanding of the history, context, and foundational knowledge they will need to work or specialize in their chosen field. Completing a Bachelor’s degree signifies the end of your undergraduate studies and satisfies the requirements for postgraduate study in the field you chose to study.

Cornerstone Institute offers Bachelor’s degree programmes in Arts, Commerce, and Theology, each with various subjects you can choose from. For more information on the qualifications available at Cornerstone Institute, see this link.


  • The head of a faculty or administrative division in a university or college.

The role of Dean comes with a lot of responsibility and is essential to the success of an academic institution. We are lucky to have Dr. Rudi Buys as our Executive Dean at Cornerstone Institute. Dr. Buys chairs our executive and academic planning committees, leads the faculty management committee, and is responsible for faculty oversight of all undergraduate and graduate degree, diploma, and certificate programmes.


  • A person who manages the financial affairs of a college or school.

The role of a bursar is crucial to the successful management of an academic institution, especially one like Cornerstone, that operates as a not-for-profit organization. At Cornerstone Institute, our bursar is Merlyn Manuel, who oversees all financial processes and records involving students.


  • An official recorder or keeper of records, particularly at an academic institution.

The registrar of a university is the head of academic administration for the institution and is responsible for the university’s academic administration. They are responsible for the student record, certification, and registration of students. The registrar of Cornerstone Institute is Dr. Crystal Jannecke, who heads a team of student advisors and academic administrators, ensuring that student information, applications, records, and certificates are handled and recorded correctly.


  • A document produced by a college or university which provides information about the institution and the programmes it offers.

The Prospectus guides prospective students interested in studying for a qualification at Cornerstone Institute. It introduces students to life at Cornerstone, the services offered, and available qualifications. 

The Prospectus is available on our website, and you can access it through this link.


  • A publication typically released by universities to provide information on the university and available programmes of study and insight into students’ academic experience.

The Cornerstone Institute Yearbook contains detailed information on various academic topics, including available qualifications, staff, modules, and academic guidelines. The Yearbook can be accessed through this link and is updated as needed.

As a new university student, there is much information to digest, and sometimes it takes work to take it all in. 

We hope that these definitions have provided you with valuable knowledge about the university system.

If you have questions about applying, qualifications, or anything related to Cornerstone Institute, please get in touch with us at

We’re here to help!

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