A youth-driven Critical Dialogue Live-Streamed directly to our online platforms

Tuesday, 7 April 2020    |    19:00 – 20:30


The effect of COVID19 on SA youth: Before the global pandemic COVID19 reached our shores, South Africa was plagued with a highly unequal society. Youth were among the most vulnerable, with a staggeringly high youth unemployment rate. In this online Critical Dialogue our panelists, comprised of change-making youth, will discuss the social, economic and psychological effects of COVID19 on South Africa’s young people. What will our new normal be and will we find the creative solutions and resources to tackle new and existing problems? 


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Kristal Duncan-Williams

Kristal Duncan-Williams is the Project Lead for Youth Capital, a project incubated by DG Murray Trust. She has over ten years’ experience in research, in the fields of molecular biology, public health and youth employment. She is passionate about unlocking the untapped potential of young South Africans and believes that quality education, healthcare and employment are the critical building blocks for a thriving society. She has experience in research-driven advocacy and is passionate about making data accessible and engaging for everyone, so that they are able and equipped to advocate for themselves.








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Lance Kieswetter

Lance Kieswetter has a background in psychology and education having been a high school teacher for the first part of his professional career and then later moving onto becoming a qualified music therapist. He is now the franchise owner of Brain Gain, Cape Town, is the co-founder of a Deep Society Music record label and has recently been appointed as the Learning Centre Manager and part time lecturer at Cornerstone College.










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Khumo Aphane

Khumo is an Alumni from Cornerstone Institute, and a Registered Counsellor working at Abbotts College, Claremont. She serves the staff and student community with the aim of enhancing student resiliency, teach emotional regulation techniques, supporting learners with learning barriers and provide individual and group counselling to students. She has an area of interest in trauma, and is recently exploring the area of gender-based violence and fatherlessness. This has inspired her to pursue her MA Research Psychology at UCT with research aims which are within the context of the particularly high rates of unemployed ‘non-biological fathers in South Africa, as this population group has not been adequately explored within broader parenting academic research.






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Jaryd Raizon

Jaryd works in the cross section of three passions: People, Social Impact and Technology. After spending close on 5 years optimizing and scaling a tech business, he found his greater purpose in the area of career progression. Through the eco-system of his company, Trusted Interns, Jaryd is using tech and data to remove inefficiencies, facilitate opportunity creation and enable informed decision making for their community and partner organisations. Everything he does is designed to transform South Africa to a place of inclusive prosperity for all.








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