Cornerstone Students Shine

Places for Masters studies at universities are notoriously few, as many a
post-graduate student has discovered, and the selection process is
particularly tough. Yet, we are inordinately proud to announce that
Cornerstone students have been snatching away these places at a
jaw-dropping rate since 2011, when our first Psychology Honours students

So far we have had 22 students accepted into Masters programmes
– seven in Clinical Psychology, three in Counselling Psychology, one in
Educational Psychology, two in Research Psychology, six Masters in
Psychology by thesis, and one Masters in Evaluation and Monitoring.

Recently, one of our Honours students was selected at UPE, and two were
selected at Rhodes University for the Counselling and Clinical Masters in
Psychology programmes. Our heartfelt congratulations to you three, and we
wish you well on the rest of your academic journey! We also hold thumbs for
three Honours students who will be conducting their Masters selection
interviews at UKZN, and two students at UWC next week. Wishing you only the

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