Claudia Brown is determined to become a councillor, to help others

Claudia wanted to be so many things when she was a young girl, but the one thing that stood out for her was that she wanted to help people.

“My uncle suffered from a Schizophrenia spectrum disorder and I’ve always been intrigued at family functions, just to see how he behaved and how he communicated with us and I’ve always asked my mother, “Mom what’s wrong with uncle?”. She’d be like “he’s ok”.

“At the time I didn’t understand, and as I grew older I did more research into it. I knew this is something I wanted to go deeper into and that’s when I decided that Psychology is what I wanted to do”, Claudia added.


Claudia’s journey to her future started when she searched the internet for a place to study.

“I was looking at universities online that offered Psychology and Cornerstone Institute came up. I was like, dad I think I want to go and check it out.  The moment I had stepped into the contact centre, I was so excited. I knew this is where I would possibly find out more about myself and to grow in this environment”.

Claudia was well on her way to graduation until her family had been faced with adversity. The chapter in her life at that time told of a story that had Claudia wondering how she would continue studying towards graduation.

But Claudia was determined to push through.

“I was determined to continue my studies and I spoke to a few people at Cornerstone about what I could do. The Finance department was a big help. They said it was an option to earn income to pay off student fees”.

For Claudia, it was a relief and an opportunity to gain further experience by immersing herself into a workplace environment. Further to that, it was a driver to encourage Claudia to build a stronger, more confident character.


“I come from a family that is half creative and half academic. I find myself to be a combination of both. So I love singing and I was a ballroom dancer, so I was very creative.

I love doing artsy things, singing, dancing and spending time with my friends and family. We are a very tight family”.


So the creative and academic Claudia applied for a position in the marketing department that involved working at expos and working on social media.

“It was amazing, it helped me because I’m more confident in myself, in my speech, in how I communicate with people. I’ve moved up levels”.

After being afforded the opportunity to work and study at the same institution, Claudia has continued to pursue her career, and fulfil her own obligations towards self-development.

“I thought that taking psychology further and becoming a registered councillor would really help me grow in myself as well as helping other people. I applied for the B.Psych equivalent to becoming a registered Councillor.


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“Especially coming from a low socio-economic background, I’ve seen the need, I’ve seen that same need within myself going through the struggle, having so many responsibilities and it’s a lot of pressure and its sometimes traumatic. Some experiences are very traumatic”.

Today, Claudia is committed to further developing herself and helping others in the field of Psychology.


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