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What is Black CEO?

The BlackCEO is an initiative to create collaborative environments amongst black business owners. It is a content distribution organization committed to making content available to help a black business owner create business-based wealth. It is an initiative to change the financial position of black businesses throughout the world.  Trevor Otts, Founder. 

BlackCEOCapeTownTour is a powerful four-day business and community development summit. We exist for the African business owner, entrepreneur, organisational leader, young person, community developer, spiritual leader-for the start-up, small, medium, micro or corporate business.

It’s an experience of transformational stories, inspirational conversations, free tools and techniques, networking opportunities, showcasing African products and services, empowering panel discussions, technologies and innovative ideas to accelerate your business and personal life to the next level.

Join the BlackCEO18CapeTownTour for the year of the: African Business Leadership Summit: (where we) Learn, Earn and Return.

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