Beat the Burn-out

Join us for what promises to be a very informative talk by Dr Sharon Johnson on stress management and how to prevent burn-out. It will take place on 12 August, at Cornerstone Institute, 13h30 – 15h00.
Dr Sharon Johnson has specialised in stress and burnout in the teaching profession, but will be talking generally about big and little stressors, and what we can do about them on a micro and macro level. Not all stress is bad for you, so Sharon will talk about the positives and negatives of being stressed, what the symptoms of burnout are, and how to avoid becoming burnt out. In between all the talk will be simple, individual and group exercises which can be used regularly in workshops as ice breakers, or individually to help you to perform at your best and look after your health with self-care tools. As a SA Capacitor trainer, Sharon integrates body work with spiritual practices in transpersonal psychology.

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