Age: 31

Nationality: South African

Home Language: IsiXhosa

Marital Status: Single

Programme: BA majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2017

Local City: Khayelitsha



My name is Bandla. I am studying psychology as a part-time learner and full-time family member. Any time that I am not dedicating to my studies, I work to support my wife and children. If I have any time left over from that, my favourite activities are reading and playing soccer.

I am studying psychology because I want to benefit my community. I work in a hospital with many patients who struggle through mental trauma, and I’ve always been driven to support them but felt I did not have the tools necessary.

Getting my degree at Cornerstone will give me the skills and knowledge I need to help people. I’ll graduate as a registered psychologist who can work for any organization, but my dream one day is to open my own practice.

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