Birthday: 22

Nationality: South African

Home Language: English

Programme: BA majoring in Psychology

Start Year: 2015

Previous School: Emmanuel Christian Academy

Local City: Cape Town


My name is Athena. I am a 3rd-year Psychology student. I am an outspoken person and confident.

I grew up in a loving and supportive home. My mother and sister have been an amazing supportive system and have helped to shape the woman I am today. My parents are divorced, my dad and I do not see each other that often but we have an open door kind of relationship. I am very family orientated and I love spending time with my cousins and sibling.

I chose to study Psychology because I want to make a difference in the world and to someone’s life. I believe it is very important to have a qualification because it builds up the skills for one to actually do the job. Completing a degree in Psychology would enable me to give back to my community and have the resources to actually give back with the skills I would have obtained from my degree.

Finally, if I finish my degree this will mean my mother can stop putting her dreams aside for me. She can finally focus on making her own dreams a reality.

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