An extension has been granted for applications for honours: Community Development until 14 July 2020

The context of the Scholarship

The Community Chest and The Cornerstone Institute, co-founders of the Ashley Kriel Scholarship for Leadership in Community Development, hereby invites applications from activist and development practitioners to apply for a scholarship to undertake a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Community Development. South African society continues to be one of the most unequal societies in the world. As a result of this inequality, increased levels of poverty as well as an increase in unemployment (especially among youth), remains a national challenge for South Africa. Civil society, through the efforts of numerous community development practitioners, are at the forefront of this fight against poverty. These efforts should be supported and their skills strengthened in order to sustain this national drive to alleviate and eradicate the effects of poverty. The founding partners of this scholarship believe that this work is fundamentally rooted in the identity of the countless South Africans who have made the ultimate sacrifice towards the establishment of a non-racial, non-sexist democratic South Africa. It is against this backdrop that the Ashley Kriel Scholarship for Leadership in Community Development is launched.

Purpose of the scholarship and strategic objectives

To provide access to post graduate students for the completion of an Bachelor of Arts Honours in Community Development at Cornerstone Institute. In doing so, the Ashley Kriel Scholarship for Leadership in Community Development has the following strategic objectives:

  • Build a cadre of engaging and critical leadership within the emerging structures of organised civil society
  • Improve the governance and accountability mechanisms within organised civil society
  • Strengthen the organisational capacity of organised civil society to coordinate social development programmes within a human rights framework as set out in the South African constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Strengthen the organisational capacity of civil society leadership and management structures to respond to the challenges inherent in contemporary resource mobilisation demands
  • Build an active, responsive and applied research programme that advances our collective understanding of the sector and facilitate programme innovation, scale and replicability

Student Profile

The programme targets young adults and mature students who are currently working within organised civil society structures, broadly operating within the social justice landscape. It is envisaged that the student has the potential to play a greater leadership and management role within their respective organisations.

Application and Admission Requirements

Given the context and history organised civil society in South Africa, many community development practitioners did not have access to undergraduate education but have been working within the community development field for long periods of time. Cornerstone Institute will consider a Recognition of Prior Learning process to ensure that we do not exclude practitioners with significant experiential knowledge and who qualifies for such a programme. The formal admissions requirements for the programme is a three year Bachelor of Arts degree (or equivalent) with social science as a major subject and a minimum of 60% average in third-year key modules in social science. Please complete the attached Scholarship Application form and submit this together with the online application form for postgraduate study available on our website. The deadline for applications is the 14th July 2020 and can be submitted to bursar (email address at the beginning of the document).

Programme description and purpose

The BA Honours (Community Development) (and leadership) is designed to provide an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of theory and practice in the discipline of community development grounded in community-focused research. Students will analyse and apply foundational knowledge of community development theory and practice gaining understanding and skills to facilitate collective actions in the context of communities. The following subject areas are included in the programme:

  • Social Theory for Community Development
  • Research Methods for Community Development
  • Policy and Legislative / Regulatory Framework for Community Development
  • Organisational Management in Community Development Practice


  • Youth Development
  • Community Development in the Rural-Urban Continuum
  • Sustainable Community Development Local Economic Development

Scholarship Provision

The scholarship provides for 100% of the tuition fee for the programme. Applicants are encouraged to secure the remainder of the fees from non-governmental organisations working in the social development field. Please note that a R300 application fee is applicable.

Applications deadline:

Closing date  14 July 2020. All scholarship applications to be emailed to bursar@cornerstone.ac.za

Office Nr:

(021) 448 0050 Please note that this is a scholarship application only. A formal online application to study for a postgraduate degree with Cornerstone Institute must be completed separately. Download the two application forms here: Community Chest Scholarship Application Form and the Cornerstone Scholarship Application. Please send both application forms to the email address above. This includes the Cornerstone Institute scholarship application form and the Community Chest scholarship application form.


Banking Details

Nedbank : Cornerstone Institute | A/C 1075030269 | Branch Code : 198 765 | Ref: Student Number