Article of the Day: These Three Words Will Change Your Life for the Better

I know what you may be thinking: How can three words really change anyone’s life, including yours?

handsI will tell you, however, that in my almost 30 years as a psychologist, and after sharing these three words with over 5,000 past and current counseling clients, no one has dismissed these three words! The vast majority of my clients have found them to be highly empowering and even life changing!

Let me begin by saying that Nike had a brilliant marketing campaign, which was, “Just Do It.” Those three words sold, and continue to sell, huge amounts of athletic shoes and other sports apparel.

Nike’s “Just Do It!,” however, are not the three words that I have seen over and over help people push through their personal barriers.

I will concede that my three-word motivational formula does share two of Nike’s three words — “Do” and “It.”

So now you may be wondering, what are these three words I have for you that are the secret to overcoming “motivational constipation”? Sorry to use the word “constipation” here but isn’t that what happens to you? You get jammed up with short and long term plans, hopes, and dreams that you want, but can’t seem to, accomplish?

My three-word motivational formula is: “DO IT ANYWAY!”

workDon’t feel like making your bed, digging a hole or doing the dishes? Understandable to not want to do it. But do these seemingly insignificant tasks anyway and experience the infusion of positive, task-oriented energy as you activate your motivational process.

Don’t want to put yourself out there to interview for a new job because you are miserable at your current one or presently unemployed? I hear you! It is very reasonable to feel discouraged and anxious. Now go do it anyway and feel empowered for having the guts to take a risk and advocate for yourself.

Don’t want to study for a test or do that project due for your graduate program. Don’t beat yourself up and think something is wrong with you for just “not feeling it”. Now go do it anyway and see how your motivation comes from doing (especially when you feel resistant or shut down) and not from waiting for the motivation fairy to sprinkle motivational pixie dust on you.

Don’t want to write that blog in the event that a few readers may write insensitive comments? Do it anyway and experience the joy of sharing your ideas and valuing the many people who are respectful and appreciative of what you have to say.

Jeffrey Bernstein is a psychologist and professional coach.

This article appeared in Psychology Today on 5 May 2017

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