Sunday Afternoon (30cm x 45cm – charcoal)

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If you read here, chances are you are a serious lover of art, or you seriously love the art of giving. Ideally, you are both, because in the Art For Access initiative, Cornerstone Institute brings together the best of both. This initiative aims to activate our local artist community as a medium for change for both South African artists and the students at Cornerstone Institute. This supports our vision to make higher education accessible to all, and in the process uplift and empower our communities.

It works very simply: paintings are showcased here, and proceeds from sales goes towards tuition fees of students. Each month a new painting and student are selected. Thank you for supporting our students, and may your purchase of beauty bring you much joy!


About the Artist:

georgeGeorge Meyer is originally from Middelburg and currently resides in the Western Cape. Drawn to art from a young age, his works often depict a moment of tranquility in commotion, displaying the beauty of everyday life and the people that populate it. By capturing it on canvas, he wishes to share the contentment of the moment, to transfer the happiness to the viewer. “Sunday Afternoon” aptly captures a certain nostalgia of a family on a quiet afternoon, amongst classic Cape architecture and majestic mountains. This charcoal drawing has kindly been made available for Cornerstone’s Art for Access initiative, and is available on auction until 6 August 2016.




Art for Access Student for July 2016
Illse Sambada

I am Illse Rozanne Sambaba, 21 years of age. I grew up in Mamre, a previously- disadvantaged community with my loving family who believes that God is at the centre of all our efforts. I currently still live with my parents and one sibling. I am in my third year study of BA Psychology and hope to graduate next year. My dream is to become an Educational Psychologist and I believe I have the energy and discipline to turn this dream into a reality. Our country is in dire need of its younger generation to plough back their skills, and move the country forward. I am confident of playing a role in achieving this.

I am ecstatic about this initiative of Cornerstone Institute’s, and it means so much to me to have been chosen as the Art 4 Access fund raising candidate. I am grateful for the opportunities this project will provide to me and many other students. The project would be of significant help, not only to finance my education, also to go out after the completion of my studies and apply what I have learnt to give back to the community.

Thank you 🙂




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