The Making of a Festival: Art + Numbers = Exchange by Sindy Dondolo

Sindy Dondolo

Sindy Dondolo brings nine years of experience in Project Management, Festival Organising, Conference Production and Business Development Management. Sindy has worked on a wide range of festivals. These include the Learning Cape Festival where a culture of learning across the province was encouraged; to the Cape Town Festival where she organised workshops for youth. She carried those models over to the Khayelitsha Youth Festival very effectively. For the past two years, she has been part of Afrika Burn Festival serving as a Theme Camp Leader and facilitating the creation of art amongst 25 South African artists in the desert.

Sindy is a creative in business and in life and has collaborated with many artists as a singer, dancer and poet. Sindy has commemorated the likes of Dullah Omar, Ahmed Kathadra and she has also been part of Thabo Mbeki’s African Renaissance Project where her poetry was taken to and enshrined in Mali at the first African University in Timbuktu. Sindy is a recording artist with African Dope Records and as a mother she balances creating art, managing artistic collaborations and growing her voice.

Sindy will be the first presenter at our Winter School for Creatives with a presentation entitled: “The Making of a Festival: Art + Numbers = Exchange” on Wednesday, 28 June at 09h00.