An Hour with Sandra Creighton

A practical approach to the multiplatform world as media makers

About Sandra Creighton, Director of Development

Director of Development, Sandra Creighton, has been involved in the music and film industry for over twenty years and has been instrumental in the development, production, marketing and distribution of music, videos, transmedia campaigns, television and international feature film projects as well as attending international markets and festivals.

About the discussion

Sandra describes herself as a multi-platform producer and is able to illustrate through her work how transmedia-producers/writers/directors can produce stories that make money. The following areas of discussion will be covered in her talk:

  • STORY FIRST – An Integrated Media focus exploring and investigating the basic elements of creative storytelling that are common to film, television, video, new media design, game design and animation. How effective storytelling starts with understanding the audience and how this identified audience receives your content, interacts with social media – and the way to think about content and the various integrations with media.
  • HOW TO TELL THE STORY – Where, How, When. Looking at levels of story targeted to appropriate audience and how we plan, as film producers, at the very beginning, our appropriate media mix.
  • LET’S DO SOMETHING GOOD – Mixing social good with story lines that stretch into the real world.
  • SOCIAL PLATFORMS – Identifying and finding the audience where THEY are. Hyper local, local, regional, national, international.
  • THE FILM BUSINESS – It’s called business. The only source of money is when a project is in distribution, people see it and selling. Looking at value chains. How to build your project’s profile

All invited
Especially emerging transmedia produces, potential writers and directors
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