Open Lecture

Dr Allan Boesak was recently quoted as saying that “There cannot be reconciliation without justice.”

He will discuss this position at a public lecture at Cornerstone Institute on Tuesday, 24 September. The lecture is themed “Reconciliation as a form of state capture, post ’94”.

Drawing from his newly published book, “Pharaohs on both Sides of the blood-red waters; Prophetic Critique on Empire: Resistance, Justice, and Power of the Hopeful Sizwe”, Dr Boesak explains that “For reconciliation to be the justice-bringing, restorative power it is meant to be, and for hope to be the transformational, life-affirming power it is intended to be, neither angels nor demons are necessary. What our world needs are ordinary human beings. But I speak of a humanised, redeemed and redemptive ordinariness: committed, steadfast, courageous, hopeful, and single-minded towards justice, together in all our rich diversity.”

This open public lecture poses the question, “What, given the substantial socio-political challenges our democracy faces today, should the ‘ordinary’ South African do to advance reconciliation and nation building?”

Image Gallery from the event