On Tuesday, 11 June 2019 the Angie and John Volmink Scholarship Fund officially launched at the Opera Bar, Artscape Theatre. It was an evening in celebration of the legacy of the Volmink’s and an invitation for all in attendance to open their hearts and hands and begin changing the lives of others.

The evening opened with a tribute to the Volmink family from Cornerstone Institute’s CEO Noel Daniels. Having known John Volmink since 1985, Noel expressed admiration for the remarkable commitment John has had to Cornerstone. Having not only served as the CEO from 2005 to 2009 he had his children study at Cornerstone. A sign of his faith in the institute’s curriculum and impact in the lives of its students.

The most profound tributes came from Angie and John’s children, Lydia Davids and Dr Heinrich Volmink who spoke lovingly and ever so eloquently of their mother, Angie Volmink. Angie passed in 2018 and has left a legacy that her ten children are immensely proud of. A legacy of being “a woman of integrity”. A woman with “a strong and intuitive kindness”.

Whilst in hospital, having been diagnosed with leukaemia, Angie donated R250 000 to Cornerstone on behalf of the Volmink’s. This was her nature. Always in service to others and making a positive change in any way she could. In her honour, the Engela Sunshine Trust has been established and this Scholarship Fund fulfils one of the objectives of giving those in need a hand up.

The Scholarship Fund’s main objective is to provide academically deserving students from socio-economically challenged backgrounds with financial support to pursue their studies and change their lives.  The 2019 receipts of the Fund were present to share words of appreciation. Having experienced hardships such as drug addiction, hopelessness and financial exclusion this scholarship has been a turning point for their lives. They have now been granted the opportunity to thrive and change the trajectory of their lives. These are exemplary youth who will go on to become an inspiration to those around them.

Collectively, the Volmink family hope this Fund will be able to grow and afford more youth the opportunity to self-define and be empowered by obtaining education at Cornerstone. With donations from five contributors, they have opened the invitation for others to donate and help change lives and continue the legacy of commitment to community.

To donate to the Fund use the banking details below:
Account Name: Cornerstone Institute
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Number: 102510 (Parow) / 198765 (Universal Code)
Account Number: 107 503 0269
International Swift No: NEDSZAJJ
Reference: AJVS

Cornerstone Institute
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