From toyi-toying to Twitter, our next Critical Dialogue will showcase an intergenerational discussion exploring the act of Activism, and how it’s changed over the years. Are certain methods better than others? And which mechanisms are proven to bring about the desired social change?

There’s no question that social media has transformed the way that movements are built and organised, but is technology enough? Activism is described as efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society toward a perceived greater good. Can such intervening and greater good be brought about purely from a place of Hashtags and digital discussion? Or is there a difference between online “political expression” and real-world strategy and movement?

Livestream Event

Our Panellists & Facilitator

Sehaam Samaai

Women’s Legal Center


Shakeel Garda
Student Activist
University of the Witwatersrand & Media Personality


Zenariah Barends
Cape Cultural Collective Chairperson &
Community Chest SEDIBA Global Partnership Office
Omhle Ntshingila
Ex-SRC Deputy President,
University of the Witwatersrand

Martina Della Togna
Managing Director
RIA Digital Media Film
Cornerstone Institute
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