Action Kommandant – exploring a community’s unhealed wound

img221564cdf5a60833ddThe 1st of July screening of the extraordinary documentary ‘Action Kommandant’ at Cornerstone Institute drew a crowd, even on a cold winter’s night in Cape Town. We were honoured to also host the inspiring producer and director of the film, moviemaker Nadine Angel Cloete. This film was one of the most demanding documentary films featured at the Cornerstone Film Festival, and elicited strong emotions from the audience. Their raw response demonstrated the impact young revolutionary Ashley’s courage has made, and continues to make on the South Africans whose freedom he fought for during his short life.

Young revolutionary Kriel, known as the ‘Che Guevara of the Cape Flats’, was killed fighting for youth rights during the oppressive Apartheid era in South African modern history. This documentary tells his captivating story in pockets of memory, sensitively yet honestly presented in intimate interviews with Ashley’s closest and dearest.

Ashely Kriel contributed to revolutionising working class youth. The filmed showed previously-unreleased footage of Ashley’s funeral, and explored the flawed Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s investigation of his murder, with special commentary by forensic investigator, David Klatzow.

The night concluded with a brief but intense Question and Answer session between the audience and Nadine, the director.

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